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29 March 2012 @ 11:57 pm
Dear facebook,

I still don't have your stupid Timeline update and I won't until you force me on 3/31/12, bitchezzz. In other news, my boyfriend Markee wears a grey hoodie because it is freakin' cold here in L.A. and as a middle aged Jewish dude he has no idea who Trayvon Martin is. Sez Cynthia: ‎"I am Trayvon Martin. (Ich bin Trayvon Martin.)"


Dear Universe,

MAGIC JOHNSON bought the Dodgers! I have never been to a game but as a little girl I remember his retirement announcement (I was 11 years old). I never got to go to the Magic Johnson Theater in Crenshaw because it closed in 2010 before I really became an LA resident. Now I get to say I am going to my first Dodgers game because Magic Johnson (or "the investment group associated with Magic Johnson") bought the team!!

I posted this message on facebook on 2/27/2012. KPCC told me the bids were coming in Tuesday, but Lonn Friend is who broke the news to me (on facebook) about Magic Johnson's record-setting bid for a sports franchise.

me again
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musashi270: Katakanamusashi270 on August 20th, 2012 06:03 am (UTC)
Miss you Giz, and have no idea if you will see this. You seem to have been facebooked.